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Gail Mackie of Spokanimal: Correspondence with Lawless America, Gail Mackie of Spokanimal had the Following to say regarding the Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine story.

Gail Mackie of Spokanimal had this to Say to Lawless America regarding the
Marcia ErskineMarsha Erskine Story.

Subject: RE: Animal confiscation
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2012 06:59:58 -0700

The true parts of the video:

1.       In February we confiscated 50 animals from Erskine’s home
2.       Board is being charged at $20/day for all 4 dogs

What the video did not say:
1.        Cruelty charges have been filed and the animals are being held at Erskine’s request.

2.       Board is allowed at $10/day per animal  ($40)  we are charging $20/day

3.       Erskine has visitation rights whenever she comes in during business hours

4.       We are in the middle of a court case at this time

5.       50 animals were confiscated from her 200 square foot home

6.       Police and media were with us on sited during the confiscation, their reports indicated the stench from the street coming from the house.

7.       Erskine has been investigated or charged before with cruelty and for taking funds from elderly men who were living in her home

8.       Many feral cats were confined to cages in her basement.  Earthen steps going into the basement where there was a single light bulb illuminating the area.  The cages of these cats was about 2-4” deep in feces and urine.  The cats had scald burns on their bellies and paws from laying in urine.

Thanks for giving us the benefit of response.  The few calls we have had rant and rave and then hang up.

Please google Erskine under her name or any of her alias names:

Marsha Erskine
Lavena Erskine
Lavena Dodds
Marsha Dodds"

Let's break this response down a bit, as I find it quite petty in places and a bit "reactive". Meaning I believe that Gail Mackie of Spokanimal is quite defensive and leaving out quite a lot.

So Gail Mackie of Spokanimal admits that Gail Mackie of Spokanimal confiscated 50 animals from the home of Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine.  Yet Gail Mackie of Spokanimal does not seem to mention that Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine had come to Gail Mackie of Spokanimal previously for help with these same animals.

Gail Mackie of Spokanimal also admits to charging $20 a day to board the dogs of  Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine. This is money that those donating to Gail Mackie of Spokanimal are paying out, at least at first until folks like Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine can pay Gail Mackie of Spokanimal for this boarding of their personal pets in which they could be boarding without Gail Mackie of Spokanimal.

Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine tried to help these animals,  Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine  become overloaded and went to Gail Mackie of Spokanimal to get help, to drop off these strays.   Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine was turned away by Gail Mackie of Spokanimal and then soon after, Gail Mackie of Spokanimal sent police and local media to the home of  Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine in order to make a big display of what do gooders Gail Mackie of Spokanimal is. When in truth, Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine had been turned away by Gail Mackie of Spokanimal.

Gail Mackie of Spokanimal claims that the video of the Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine story does not talk about cruelty charges filed. Why in the world would there be cruelty charges filed when Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine came to Gail Mackie of Spokanimal in order to do the right thing by these Spokane stray, feral animals?

Gail Mackie of Spokanimal talks of visitation rights for Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine . This makes no sense, as  Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine should not have had her main pets taken. She needed the massive strays taken, as  Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine tried to get Gail Mackie of Spokanimal to do previously.  Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine certainly did not need her own personal pets taken. This was cruel punishment to  Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine, as she loves her pets very much. They are her family.

Gail Mackie of Spokanimal talks of a court case that "we" are in the middle of.  I will post documents on this "court case" soon.  Gail Mackie of Spokanimal seems to give no details of this case nor admit that Gail Mackie of Spokanimal had refused to do right by these animals in the first place.

In number 6 Gail Mackie of Spokanimal says, "Police and media were with us on sited during the confiscation, their reports indicated the stench from the street coming from the house."

What a dramatic bunch of PR crap that is. Gail Mackie of Spokanimal seems to have called the cops, and why?  Gail Mackie of Spokanimal called the "Media" and ALL to give Kudos to Gail Mackie of Spokanimal which leads to more donations for Gail Mackie of Spokanimal .

Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine come to Gail Mackie of Spokanimal with the issue of these animals in the first place. So does Gail Mackie of Spokanimal have more "Clout" with the Spokane Police then  Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine ?  Well of course Gail Mackie of Spokanimal does. Gail Mackie of Spokanimal is a big deal in Spokane as she is an alleged do gooder helping the stray and distressed animals of Spokane.

Gail Mackie of Spokanimal says media was were with "Us".  Hmmm why is that Gail Mackie of Spokanimal ? My guess is to get more sympathy, pats on the back and donations to Gail Mackie of Spokanimal.

The "Media"
 certainly did not present Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine's side of the issue. This alleged "Real Media"  just reported that the "stench" was coming from the house. Ummm gee, yep, 50 animals in which Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine tried to get Gail Mackie of Spokanimal to help her with in the first place.

This, so called "Media" simply defamed Marcia ErskineMarsha Erskine and made her look like a Crazy Cat Lady, even called her the Cat Lady in their alleged "reputable" "Media", and Why?  Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine is the collateral damage in the sensationalism of newspapers reporting on what they call animal cruelty, as this gets lots of readers online and offline and this sells ongoing ads as so many come back year after year to read stories such as the Marcia ErskineMarsha Erskine story and in this they feel for the seeming plight of Gail Mackie of Spokanimal and they send more money to Gail Mackie of Spokanimal.

These readers also tend to subscribe to those media sources who seem to be on the side of the animals, not knowing that the truth is simply NOT being reported.

To this traditional "Media", such as the Spokesman Review, the truth seems to even be irrelevant and there is no accountability to "Media" such as the Spokesman Review who ruin lives such as Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine in their quest to make more MONEY.

In number 7 Gail Mackie of Spokanimal says, "Erskine has been investigated or charged before with cruelty and for taking funds from elderly men who were living in her home".

First of all what in the world does taking funds from an elderly men have to do with this situation? Is Gail Mackie of Spokanimal simply trying to defame Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine ?  Is Gail Mackie of Spokanimal attempting to make Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine   look like a criminal and therefore diminish what Gail Mackie of Spokanimal has done here?

Gail Mackie of Spokanimal simply states that Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine took funds from elderly men. What in the world does that mean?

Did  Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine have elderly men as renters ?  Did Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine sell stuff to these mysterious elderly men?  Did Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine take care of these elderly men or do errands of some kind? And really is it any of our business?  Is it illegal?  If so file a criminal complaint and STOP yammering and blathering lies to discredit Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine on a totally unrelated case.  Seriously Gail Mackie of Spokanimal Play Fair.

Its ok Gail Mackie of Spokanimal, I don't play fair either. I play FACTS.  Not favoritism to big media, elite and money. And not to the way people are dressed or how they choose to live their life.

So continuing, in number 8 Gail Mackie of Spokanimal speaks of feral cats in the basement.  Yes Gail Mackie of Spokanimal, many "feral" cats were in the basement of Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine .

That is because Gail Mackie of Spokanimal refused to take these "feral cats".  See folks, the fact that Gail Mackie of Spokanimal calls the cats "feral" implies that Gail Mackie of Spokanimal knows that the cats were not pets of Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine. And therefore there is no cruelty charges.

Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine simply took in "feral", stray cats that had gone wild, descended from domestic cats in the Spokane area. Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine attempted to help these animals and essentially all of Spokane by getting these animals off the streets and feeding and caring for them to the best of her ability.

Gail Mackie of Spokanimal ends her emailed response to Lawless America by defaming Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine  a bit more in encouraging all of us to google the alleged aliases of  Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine.

Gail Mackie of Spokanimal makes it sound almost criminal to have these alleged 4 different names, she calls Aliases.  See we know her as Marcia Erskine, due to the special report by Lawless America.  Her name is Lavena Marsha Erskine. She obviously goes by Marcia short for Marsha.

She looks to me to be in her 60's, so one can guess she would have at least a maiden name and a married name, if not several in this day and age. So 2 different last names is not so mysterious, not so "Alias" and certainly not something to judge Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine badly on, as seems to be the intention of Gail Mackie of Spokanimal.

For me personally, I stand with the Woman doing her best to make the world a better place for us all.   I choose the side of the woman who has no voice, because Gail Mackie, Spokanimal, the Spokesman Review and the alleged "All Media" of Spokane Washington simply silenced the voice of Marsha Erskine in attempt to twist this story into animal cruelty, when in fact it was and continues to truly be animal rescue by Marsha Erskine.

Gail Mackie, in my opinion, is being very petty with this response and is simply Yammering and Blathering and provided no documented proof.

Spokanimal, Gail Mackie seemed to have turned Marsha Erskine away plain and simple.    Marsha Erskine was trying to do right by these animals and Spokanimal, Gail Mackie did not let her. Then SpokanimalGail Mackie turns around and involves police and the alleged "All Media" of Spokane Washington in an attack on the constitutional rights of Marsha Erskine.

Do I think someone should have 50 animals?  No Way. However, I do support Marsha Erskine in trying to do right by this animals and I do know that Spokane Washington needs people like Marcia Erskine to help SpokanimalGail Mackie in dealing with strays.

Spokanimal, Gail Mackie punishing this one woman for trying to do right by these animals,  essentially shuts down others who are trying to help strays in Spokane Washington.

Most do not have the time, patience nor stomach to deal with this situation. If folks like  Marsha Erskine, Marcia Erskine do, then we need to support them and demand that non-profits such asSpokanimal, Gail Mackie are non-discriminating in their dealing with the strays of Spokane Washington and those who attempt to help these animals.

Non-profit humane organization such as Spokanimal have certain obligations and accountability to the public. As you are paying the tax that they are not. Gail Mackie has, I believe, worked with Spokanimal since 1983, maybe its time for Gail Mackie to retire.  Meanwhile, it is time for me to dig into over 30 years of records of Spokanimal and see what we can turn up in some investigative blogging. Why? In the name of justice and equality for all.

So You choose the dog you want in this fight based on your own beliefs, your information and how you interpret the facts, findings and the reporting from the "Alleged" "All Media" that showed up on the scene and WOW witnessed alarming smells.

For me, I Choose Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine, one woman who is making a difference, a stand in effort to attempt to help in her way, to deal with a huge issue that many of us simply cannot face nor deal with.

Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine is not a rich woman, not a tax free non profit getting donations from the public for her efforts to help these animals. Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine is simply one of many who help these animals with their own time and money the best they can. And when Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine could not do it, she sought the help of Gail Mackie of Spokanimal and was turned away.  Only to then be humiliated, persecuted and financially punished soon after for taking care of these animals, rejected by Gail Mackie of Spokanimal, on her own the best she could.

Gail Mackie of Spokanimal makes herself look like a superhero calling news and media sources to twist a story to get more money, donations sent to Gail Mackie of Spokanimal and to   keep Gail Mackie of Spokanimal in a job.

Meanwhil Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine and folks like her, are out there every day buying cat food, dog food, helping strays and even spay and neutering animals they have nothing to do with and all this to help best they can. These folks are all around Spokane networking with neighbors to help and they are punished for their efforts by folk like Gail Mackie of Spokanimal.

One of the articles I read talked about 30 years of complaints regarding Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine . Really?  Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine has been taking in strays for 30 years and folks like Gail Mackie of Spokanimal have not helped her, or taken animals, give money to help, anything? They simply attack her, fine her and publish defaming articles regarding her efforts, instead of doing something about the problem of massive strays that she was trying to help.

Stand in Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine's shoes, come from her heart and then rethink your stance on the Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine story.

I intend to dig very deep into the records, in money, out money, fines, and all aspects of Gail Mackie in regards to Spokanimal from the very begining. I will expose every devilish dollar should it exist. This "non-profit" is all of our business. And I have made my choice, I stand with  Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine  and folks like her, I have known many over my life and though I could never do what they do. I am certainly glad that they can do it and that they continue to exist out there.

Many know of the problems with stray animal in Spokane, and they do not have the time nor energy to do anything about it, so they help by donating to Spokanimal, Gail Mackie.  These folks believe in Spokanimal, Gail Mackie and therefore Spokanimal, Gail Mackie must do the right thing and help people like Marcia Erskine that are taking on so much, in order to do right by these animals.

I will EXPOSE Spokanimal and Gail Mackie on every dirty deed I can Find.  eMail your  Spokanimal and Gail Mackie tips to me Crystal L. Cox, investigative blogger at 

Are you a past employee of Spokanimal and Gail Mackie and have a tip regarding Spokanimal and Gail Mackie ? Email Me.

Do you have information on donations mis-used or any other indescrestions or possible violations of law, code, or non-profit status of Spokanimal and Gail Mackie ? eMail Me.

On a side note, I would say, in my Opinion, that Marcia Erskine, Marsha Erskine could possible sue the Spokesman Review and Gail Mackie Spokanimal for defamation, as in my case they claim I did not get both sides so therefore I am not the real "Media".   I don't see where Marsha Erskine, Marcia Erskine's story in these alleged "Real" news sources, even attempted to give her side. Seems to me that they just painted her in false light, attacked her as some animal cruelty culprit and called it a day. Oh, and then placed ads all around the article to make more money for the Spokanesman Review and get more donations to Spokanimal, Gail Mackie.

Folks like Marsha Erskine, Marcia Erskine may be just a story to sell papers for the Spokesman Review, and a way to get more donations for Gail Mackie and Spokanimal, but to me, folks like Marsha Erskine, Marcia Erskine are the ones out there making the world a better place for all of us, so we don't have to deal with the overload of strays, and face the cries of animals without a home.  We simply donate to a local shelter and call it good. Thing is when those shelters turn away people like Marsha Erskine, Marcia Erskine who is obviously overloaded, this is simply wrong and I for one say they should have their non-profit status revoked as they take in money in fines and boarding when this woman had previously come to Gail Mackie, Spokanimal for help and was cruelly turned away.

Call me Bat Shit Crazy as many of you already do, but I stand firmly with the Crazy ol' Cat Lady, making the world a better place for all of us who do not have time, nor the stomach to do so.

More Information at  (owned by Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox, Giving Voice to Victims as the "Real Media" )

Crystal L. Cox
Investigative Blogger, Industry Whistleblower

Oh and P.S. - As Gail Mackie of Spokanimal suggest you Google Marsha Erskine to get the "real" story according to Gail Mackie of Spokanimal.  Well I, Crystal Cox Blogger, suggest that you Google Gail Mackie of Spokanimal and see what you can find.

... much more coming Soon.. Also Check Out Lawless America at the Following Links

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